The French Religious Wars Of France

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In this paper, I will be discussing the French Religious Wars that took place on March 1582 and lasted till April 1598. This war was fought between the Roman Catholics or “Catholic League” and the Huguenots. These wars started with a French protestant by the name of John Calvin started to become suspicious of the Roman Catholic churches and their corruption within their government. Calvin believed that the two should be separated and created a doctrine with a different form of Protestantism. Higher up religious figures that were fed up with the dominance of the Catholic churches decided to stand behind this doctrine. Eventually, Calvinism was being accepted and taught throughout the local civilians and spread like wildfire throughout Europe. As Catholic churches started to fall victim to this movement, King Henrii II of France decided to attempt to end this movement as it was a threat to his reign and control. Thus, divided the country and started what is known as the French Religious Wars. As tensions became to rise, so did the Conspiracy of Ambroise. “This is which the Huguenots and the House of Bourbon plotted to usurp the power of the Guise family”. (lllll) The Guise family was the family in charge of most of the French government at the time. After the family started to realize what was happening, they became to kill hundreds of conspirators. Trying to ease all of this hostility, Catherine de Medici issued a doctrine known as the Edict of Tolerance in 1562. This
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