The French Revolution And The 19th Century

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The French Revolution took place in the late 18th century which undermined the traditional monarchy of France as well as the hereditary aristocracy. The Enlightenment was an important origin of the French Revolution as people wanted the government to provide natural rights to individuals. They did not seek a violent revolution, however so individuals had strong beliefs in the Enlightenment ideas which led to a revolt. A few important factors had a major impact on the origin of the revolution including social, financial, and political issues. The French society was very complex and lead to social stress due to its extremely large population at the beginning of the 18th century. There were new disease forming due to overcrowding, food shortages, and crime was on the rise. The social division consisted of three estates; the first being the clergy, second was the nobility, and the third was the peasantry as well as wealthy financiers and beggars. The third estate was mostly poor along with most of France at this time. Wages increased but the cost of living increased by a higher percentage. The monarch at the time, Louis XVI, was an extensive spender and lived a very lavish life in which he spend half of the revenues just on interest to his loans that he owed. The political body was called the Estates General. There was a disproportionate representation within the estates in which the peasants represented 97% of the population, leaving only 2% being the nobility and 1% the
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