The French Revolution And The Age Of Enlightenment

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Born of two fathers, the American Revolution and the age of enlightenment, the French revolution was primarily a social upheaval that conspired to overthrow religious and privileged classes. The French Revolution changed the degree to which the people were willing to suffer and sacrifice in order to achieve their war aims through democratizing the Army and creating the necessity of larger political alliances than ever before. Guibert wrote in his Essai: Imagine that there arose in Europe a people who united austere virtues with a national militia and a fixed plan of expansion, who did not lose sight of their system, who, knowing how to make war cheaply and to live by their victories, were not reduced to putting their arms aside because of by their financial calculations. One would see this people subjugate its neighbors, and overturn feeble constitutions like the wind bends over fragile reeds. l will discuss how the French Revolution democratized the Army and created political alliances of increasing scale which nationalized efforts changing Western Europeans forever. The French Revolution democratized the army which increased loyalty, participation and capabilities. Prior to the revolution the Officer Corps was filled with aristocrats while the soldiers were indentured servants and mercenaries. Soldiers were taught to fear their officers more than the enemy, while campaigning the army required enormous logistical requirements greatly limiting their
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