The French Revolution And The American Revolution

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The French Revolution: The event that led to the transformation of the globe into the world we know it as today. One of the most revolutionary events in human history was started by a group of individuals sitting in the Palace of Versailles who decided that enough was enough and that the only answer to the injustices of the ruling regime was Revolution. These people eventually became known as the National Constituent Assembly, or, colloquially, the National Assembly. Over the course of two years, this National Assembly sparked a revolution, established a new form of government in one of the oldest European nations, and made a new society based on the principles created during the Enlightenment. The National Assembly initially grew out of a national debt issue brought about by French involvement in the Seven Years ' War and the American Revolution (SparkNotes Editors, 2005). The amount of debt that France had built up due to these two wars, plus the debt racked up by domestic spending and corruption, was so large that, according to Bentley and Ziegler, "half of government revenue went to the national debt" (p. 627). This, in turn, caused King Louis XVI to call a session of the Estates-General, which is called to order during times of great tension and stress within the country. The Estates-General was essentially a legislature that was broken up into three equal groups of representatives. These representatives represented the First Estate (clergy and members of the…
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