The French Revolution And The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was a plight by the French people to overthrow its government, and establish rights for the (large) portion of the population that lacked representation in government. The revolution was caused by many different long term and short term social and economic factors (for example: the stubbornness of the aristocracy, middling of peasants, and economic crisis). The american revolution and the french revolution were very similarly fueled. Both began from a large portion of the population who were not allowed a say in how they are governed, but are still subject to taxes and such imposed by a neglectful government. The French Revolution was caused by an upset of french citizens who had grown unhappy with their lousy king, unfair taxes, and the division of the population into 3 estates.

Needless to say, Louis XIV was an awful monarch. This caused discontent in the french people because rather than having an absolute monarch, they would have prefered a democracy like in America. This idea of King Louis ruling absolutely came is supported by Document 1 because it outlines the principles to me universally accepted by the nation (France). Included in those principles is “That sovereign power in his kingdom belongs to the king alone; That he accountable only to God for the exercise of supreme power...That the king is the sovereign ruler of the nation is one with it; Finally, that legislative power resides in the person of the sovereign, depending on and
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