The French Revolution And The Revolution

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The French Revolution was unlike any war of the time. Originally the revolution was started to create more equality between the nobility and clergy and the people in the third estate. The revolution got a lot more complicated and violent than originally intended. It seems that the revolution was like a car without brakes, once it got going, it couldn’t stop until it crashed and people died. Unfortunately the French Revolution was a very blood thirsty revolution. Many people died in battle, from hunger, disease and from the infamous guillotine. They put people on a podium for a short time, made them the face of the revolution, but soon the way of thinking changed and off to the guillotine they went. The revolution kept getting worse and worse until people were killing each other for whispers and words. At first things were very non-confrontational. People just wanted a constitutional monarchy and wanted more equality between the nobility, clergy and the people of the third estates. Things became progressively more violent. One of the first large outpours of violence, protest and uprising could be seen with the fall of the Bastille in July of 1979. Louis started to become nervous because rioters were increasing and violence was on the rise. He hired troops which was not helpful. “The changes could hardly have been more ill timed. Everybody was frightened and unnerved by two weeks of troop movements. As July 12 was a Sunday, nobody was at work. Above all, the food shortages…
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