The French Revolution And The Tennis Court Oath

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In 1789, the Ancien Regime came to an end through the beginning of the French Revolution and the Tennis Court Oath. The patchwork quilt of the old French system had finally been ripped away. While the practical changes of the French government and society did not happen immediately, the mindset and the philosophy of the people changed quickly. They began demanding faster action than the government was willing to give. Looking at who is to be a citizen, religious minorities, and women, the ideals for a new system started a new beginning by ending the Ancien Regime’s hold and replacing it with enlightenment principles. The document which came to embody the French Revolutionary ideals of Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, ou La Mort was the…show more content…
Beyond the Declaration is a plethora of speakers and writers who advocated for the rights of all people as citizens. One such man is Abbé Sieyès, who advocated that the Third Estate is “everything”. In January of 1789, Sieyès published a pamphlet titles What is the Third Estate? In the beginning he asks directly to the reader, What is the Third state? To which he answers, everything. He attacked the old system and argued that because the Third Estate carried out all the labor required to maintain France, that the Third Estate made up a complete nation. He knew that the First and Second Estates did not pay taxes to support the nation of France as a whole, however, ended up the main beneficiaries from the King. He argued that the First and Second Estates was a form of cancer as they do not add anything to the civil order like the Third Estate. “It is impossible to say what place the two privileged order ought to occupy in the social order…what place one wishes to assign a malignant tumor.” The Divine Chain of Being, which previously gave natural order to the world, was now called into question or rejected entirely because of 1789 and the Revolution. Another outspoken man for rights for the citizens of France was Maximilian Robespierre. On October 22, 1789, Robespierre gave a speech advocating that all citizens, meaning all men, should have the right to be an officeholder and vote. The Ancien Regime prior to 1789 allowed only
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