The French Revolution Dbq

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The French Revolution changed the course of France and the empires around it, sparking new ideas and philosophies on revolution and change. The French Revolution, fueled by the citizens’ hunger and anger, induced fear, anger, support, and more revolutions throughout other countries. Political leaders from different governments felt differently about the Revolution, with some supporting it and some wanting to stop it. The French revolution was perceived differently by different leaders and groups, especially depending on their country's’ government and political views. Britain, being a constitutional monarchy during the French Revolution, didn’t believe that the riots, killing, and changes in the government being made in France were good, in fact, Britain felt quite the opposite. In the engraving titled “Promised Horrors of the French Invasion”, it showed the terrible things that the people of the French revolution did and how many people died because of it. Britain thought of it as terrible, bloodthirsty, uncontrollable and completely chaotic. There were multiple significant things in the cartoon suggesting Britain's viewpoint. The rampaging bull on the side indicated that the Revolution was uncontrollable and unpredictable. There was also a burning castle in the background, which symbolized how the monarchy was overthrown and destroyed. The reason Britain feared the French Revolution was because not only did it threaten their monarchy, but they were disgusted by their

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