The French Revolution

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Brandon Chen
Ms. Crawbuck
Sophomore English
March 23, 2016
Final Draft Many dictators in history have created bad legacies and committed horrific crimes during their time in power. One dictator, however, created a legacy that any person would know and created an ideology that is used in almost all first world countries, and many other second war countries now as well. This dictator is Napoleon Bonaparte. He is a catalyst for change because he created a dominant army from the scraps of the French Revolution, which led to his dominance throughout Europe, creating a lasting principle that most people now think of it as a norm. The French Government was rapidly losing power during the Bourbon Dynasty because of the vast spendings of King Louis XVI. Causing an uproaring of the Third Estate, “The Third Estate now represented 98 percent of the people but could still be outvoted by the two other bodies,” (French) . Because of these tensions many, parisians began to worry of a rumored impediment of the military (French). In order to be ready for the attack, many rioters believed there was gunpowder and weapons inside of the Bastille fortress and decided to storm inside (French). This act of rebellion sparked the French Revolution (French). Soon after, “The wave of revolutionary fever and widespread hysteria quickly swept the countryside. Revolting against years of exploitation, peasants looted and burned the homes of tax collectors, landlords, and the seigniorial elite,” starting…
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