The French Revolution Occurred During The Time Periods

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The French Revolution occurred during the time periods 1787 to 1799 which shook France. Its climax reached in 1789 when the ancien regime ended in France. The French Revolution was the most violent and by far the most universally significant revolution compared to the rest. The initial cause of the revolution was the social structure of the West. One social structure that was based on the holding of all land by fees that resulted in the relation of the king to vassal was called the feudal system that weakened step-by-step and had already disappeared in certain regions of Europe prior to the revolution. The feudal system was characterized by homage, legal and military service of tenants, and punishment. Wealthy commoners, also called…show more content…
Rousseau was an anti- philosophe, he took Montesquieu’s theory a step further in which civilization corrupts rather than nature and that big states are also corrupt, small states are best. During the time, as France faced heavy expenditure that the wars had brought, the rulers had raised money by taxing the nobles and clergy and the rulers were backed upon the enlightened despots. There are many causes that could have contributed to the French Revolution like the peasants were aware of their situation and were less willing to support the feudal system. The philosophes were well read throughout the region and questioned many. The government was at the edge of bankruptcy due to their involvement in the American Revolution because there was a refusal to pay taxes given by the Great Britain King which ended with the rulers and privileged class become allies with the peasants and non- privileged class. There was many economic factors that started the French revolution also like: crop failures in 1788 and the population increasing. The French Monarchy was vanishing because it was unable to adapt to the pressures brought onto it which also contributed to the start of the French Revolution. The Great War lasted 1914-1918 that involved 28 nations around the world. It started with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and then Austria- Hungary declared war on Serbia. Due to an alliance, called Triple Alliance, Germany and Italy joined Austria- Hungary while

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