The French Revolution Of France

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For the Jews of France and their fellow colleagues, the French revolution came to establish the myth of origin or also known as their birthdate of existence. On the date September 27, 1791, which was two years after the storming of Bastille and the Declaration of the rights of man, the French National Assembly voted to admit the Jews of Alsace-Lorraine France to citizenship1. The French Revolution was a period of time where Jews were fighting for civic equality and having to overcome many obstacles that were put in front of them throughout this time. Many generations after the French Revolution would recall the moment as a “turning point in extraordinary magnitude”1. Their memories seem to be dominated by images of glory and celebration…show more content…
One can say that Jews obtained their citizenship at the price of giving up their tradition per say in order to get the civic equality they have always wanted and have strived for. The French Revolution served as a purpose to show people how much of a positive impact it had on the Jews despite all the negative things that happened throughout the Revolution. One should look at the positive that came out of this instead of the negative. The French Revolution really helped the Jews establish their religion and it really helped them be considered a legitimate group in France. The French Revolution was credited with having put to an end to centuries of humiliation, legal discrimination, and exclusion from the mainstream of society1. Throughout the Revolution there was a lot of hatred towards the Jews especially from the Catholics since they felt threatened by the Jews and felt as if there would be no chance for the Catholic churches to survive if they obtained their citizenship and civic equality. Jews were able to reach their goal of civil equality and in today’s society they are treated equally despite of what happened in the past in regards to the Holocaust and the French Revolution. All in all through cultural impacts, negative propaganda and the ideology of emancipation one will be able to see all of the positive impacts it had on the Jews despite being up against all odds.
The French revolution caused an impact culturally
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