The French Revolution

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Jeremy Sorem Mrs. Blomme Honors I 1 October 2014 The French Revolution In the late eighteenth century one thing was very clear; the world was drastically changing. Inspired by the efforts of the American revolutionist, and fed up with the poverty and injustice, the common people of France made the noble decision to band together and fight for freedom and equality. While this did come eventually, it came with many sacrifices, upwards of 17,000 were executed in a chaotic time known as the reign of terror ( When the French peasants gained equality in 1799 Europe was never the same again (Emerson It showed neighboring countries that liberty is not only obtainable but also is a right that everyone should have, and soon many other European countries moved to a more democratic government. The outcome of the French Revolution was determined by how it started, political events, and major battles. There was not one definitive event or person that sparked the revolt, but a multitude of injustices that were being done to the common people of France. In the years building up to the revolution the country had been plagued with costly foreign wars (such as the American Revolution), wasteful spending by the hierarchy, and a long series of droughts and livestock diseases that created a shortage in food. This caused panic amongst the peasants, who then began to riot and beg for help ( King Louis XVI turned to a man by the name of Charles Alexandre de
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