The French Revolution Essay examples

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The French Revolution

This essay intends to draw on the much similarity between the French Revolution and the age of antiquity, more specific Ancient Greece. We shall compare dominant figures of both the French Revolution and Ancient Greece by using examples from writings from both ancient literature and contemporary and giving direct examples to support the ideas in this essay. Furthermore, this essay will discuss how similar the emergence of democracy in Ancient Greece is to the emergence of it in the French Revolution.

The French Revolution was the first modern revolution in history. It is one of the most studied times in history. Many questions are asked about how, when, and why this
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The first city-state that achieved democracy was Athens and achieved in creating the Athenian Constitution titled Constitution of Athens. “ It is called a government of people [demokratia] because we live in consideration of not the few but of the majority” (Thucydides 421 BCE) Thucydides wrote On Justice Power and Human Nature, this book is a memoir of the authors life as a solider of Athens during the Peloponnesian Wars. Thucydides like Napoleon was soldier fighting for the rights of people between the city-states of Athens, Sparta, and Thebes. At this time Pericle was the ruler of Athens, he was very fair to his people. During his rule Athens achieved its highest political, social, and economical height. Moreover, at this time only Athens was democratic and Sparta has an oligarchy and this is what started the Peloponnesian Wars in 429 BCE. Athens was going to conquer all the city-states and spread democracy all over the city-states. However, it was not to be because Athens’ great leader died and Sparta and democracy did not emerge right away but it took time just like during the French Revolution.

Democracy in Athens like in France saw many stages of governments, turmoil, and most importantly bloodshed. Furthermore, France and the rest of Europe really did not appreciate true democracy until after the two wars of the 20th century. Before the French Revolution there existed a
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