The French Revolution Vs. The American Revolution

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The French vs. the American Revolution The French Revolution and The American Revolution are similar in many that people call them the Twin Wars. We will explore how they are similar by talking about the role that women played and the documents that emerged from each war. We will also explore how they are different by talking about the causes for the wars and the goals for each. Although the causes might seem similar in detail they are actually different. The American Revolution was started because of the problems with Britain and their incessant need to keep taxing the colonies even though they broke away. The colonist didn’t go to war over the taxes themselves. They were angry at the fact that there wasn’t any reasonable excuse for the…show more content…
In the French Revolution the women played a part in a lot of the war,(Women and the Revolution), but almost every time they were involved it ended with controversy such as the time the women march on the palace of Versailles. The women were upset that they didn’t have bread to feed their families. On October 4, 1789 the women march toward Versailles and they demanded to see the baker, his wife and their son. The King promised to meet some of the ladies and give them all the bread in the palace. Before that happened The National guard came to take the king back to France for fear of his safety. The Queen who was Marie Antoinette barely escaped. The king compromised and said he would speak to the women on the balcony of the palace. He said “My friends, I will return to Paris with my wife and children.” This was the last time that the king would see Versailles (Women’s March). In the American Revolution women took an active role in the war. Most women in this time were wives and daughters of soldiers. The women who had a constant presence in the camps were known as “camp Followers” One of the most famous women during the Revolution was a lady named Deborah Sampson. She wanted to avoid working in sweat shops and doing hard labor on the farm her family owned that she pretended to be a man in order to go into the army.(Women during the American Revolution).
To conclude we have talked about the similarities and differences between the American and the French Revolutions. From this research I have concluded that I think these two wars are equal in differences and similarities that they aren’t the same or different they are just like twins. When I say twins I mean, they are the same in some ways but they are different too. So the statement the “Twin Wars” is
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