The French Revolution Was Inspired By The Ideas From The Enlightenment

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The French Revolution was inspired by the ideas from the Enlightenment. The main goal that the Enlightenment tried to reach was to promote scientific reasoning and end the injustice in the way governments were performing. The French Revolution was mainly a series of upheaving 's aiming to gain social and political reforms, along with ways to govern more justly. Due to the previous era, being the Enlightenment, French Revolutionists saw that Enlightenment participants, such as Rousseau, Voltaire, Robspierre ,and Beccaria, along with works such as Declaration of the Rights of Man and multiple posters, took a step towards new reforms and follow in their path and ideas. These French Revolutionists succeeded in some ways, yet remained unsuccessful in more ways.

Document 1 from Jean Jacques Rousseau concludes that a man needs to control his own freedoms. Rousseau, a philosopher, believed in a Republic because he believed that people need to have more power and individual freedoms must be improved. In his Social Contract, he calls for a sovereign, which will benefit the good of an individual, but even better the overall group with intentions that aim for the common good. A need for a change in government was wanted because a monarch rule was not wanted. A new type of government, a provisional republic formed after King Louis Philippe was abdicated, gave universal male suffrage and ended slavery and the death penalty. Those reforms were some the lasted throughout the rest of…
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