The Friar And The Pardoner: Similar With The Monk And Nun

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The Friar and the Pardoner are alike with the Monk and Nun, due to their presence in the clergy. While their fallacies and corruptions are not identical to that of the Monk and Nun, it is important to note that they are similar in the glaring ways. The Friar is duplicitous with the monetary dealings of his practice, and shuns those who he is supposed to help. The Pardoner shares the monetary duplicity of the Friar, however he takes money in troves, which is detrimental to the church (although how detrimental due to the fact that almost all of the money with the congregation was squandered on pursuits seen as sinful). Although the Friar is supposed to fully holy, he has many relationships with young women(possibly impregnating them), The Pardoner
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