The Friar Is To Blame

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Friar Lawrence was a holy man and his duties were simple to uphold the masses, serve others who are in need of help and the task of teaching. However, he defined and went against his own authority and therefore, disobeyed his role as a priest in the Catholic Church.
It is clear that The Friar was irresponsible for marrying two exceptionally young children based on the idea that their secret marriage would help restore peace to Verona and most importantly end the feud.
The evidence which puts the blame on the Friar around the topic is going to the cell and marrying them, keeping it a secret instead of telling the family and listening to Romeo request. This was obviously not the way a priest of the Catholic Church should act no matter the circumstance or potential outcome.
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The friar should be disgusted with himself and the way he developed the planned marriage because if he would have just said no then Romeo and Juliet could have been alive and not killed themselves just to experience their love in
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