The Friday That Changed My Life

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The Monday that Changed my Life That Monday I had found my dream! It was during my internship when I realized that Public Health was not just my interest, but my calling. I want to advocate for vulnerable populations such as refugees, displaced individuals, victims of human trafficking, and more, so that individuals such as Lal do not get lost in the chaos of conflict, or systematic barriers. When I sat down with Lal in my cubicle in the darker corner of the office, little did I know that it was going to be one of the first emotionally intense and empowering conversations of my career. Lal was my refugee client at the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a humanitarian aid organization that resettles refugees, where I had started my internship in Public Health. My role as a Public Health Intern was to support and assist refugees to navigate the intricacies of healthcare and other social services as they walked their road to self-sufficiency and assimilation into a new culture. It was Monday, and the Health Team had walk-in hours for individuals who needed assistance. I introduced myself to Lal with my biggest smile and greeting in Nepali: "namaste." As nervous as I was, I noticed that Lal was even more anxious. As a courtesy and with a hope to warm up the vibe, I offered Lal some tea, which he shyly accepted. As we both started sipping the fragrant hot lemon tea, Lal seemed more comfortable and smiled for the first time since he had met me, that morning. I asked
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