The Friends and Enemies of Julius Ceasar

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As a young man, Julius Caesar lives a simple and poor life until he makes friends with people of a higher status. One of these friends causes Caesar to have to flee Rome when he makes an enemy of the powerful Sulla. After Sulla’s death, Caesar returns to his home city to start his studies to be a lawyer. Once he achieves this, he prosecutes Sulla’s former supporters for driving him from Rome. He elects to take a voyage to Greece to study the art of oratory, but on his journey there, pirates capture him and sell him into the slave trade. Caesar buys his freedom fairly quickly then assembles an army to stalk the pirates and crucify them. These harsh acts take place before Caesar is in any position of real power in Rome. (McGill 1) Everything Julius Caesar does in his earlier years of life set him up to be a vicious human with a heart of vengeance for anything he deems unfair to him. By jailing an old enemy’s men after the enemy is already dead, he proves that he has no form of compassion or mercy for someone who has crossed him. More understandable is the situation with the pirates, but to crucify anyone seems outrageous even if he sold one into slavery. These pious events paint an exact idea of how vengeance fills Caesar’s very soul. These retaliations fuel his desire of power which set the scene for the rest of his life. (McGill 1) In 58 and 55 BC, Caesar defeats the Germans in Gaul and enlists 400 mercenaries and hostages into his cavalry. That number increases to almost

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