The Friendship By Albert Camus

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As life has many precious relationships, for example, there are some are of blood. The others are just made of affection and belongingness with another people. Friendship is also one of those relationships. It does not matter it is a blood relation, but this bond is made of true feelings between them. Sometimes even precious friendships are broken for many reasons, few times there are misunderstandings about the meaning of friendship. Also, it is broken other times for some genuine reasons and breakup the friendship. The famous author Albert Camus quoted "Don 't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don 't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk with me and be my friend.”
The term “friend” However, with the word “friendship.” There are
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So, friends should be trustful with each other.
Another part of the concept of friendship is we want to depend on our friends and accept them as they are. Sometimes, we will have a better understanding of the other’s feelings from a quick argument. But we can also face a loss of friendship if we will end up being hurtful to others. A friendship always takes a long time to be repaired. Most of the time a friendship can never be repaired again. Supporting a friend is an important aspect that a friendship offers us. Giving a feeling of support to your friend and believing them that there would be a person who always stands with them in every decision they will take or in any worst situation they will face. It provides a good establishment for friendships. If one friend does not make the same decisions as like other friend does, the true friends will still be together to support each other’s decisions.
I strongly believe that the kind of way to exist and live, that; whatever we think and react right now at this very moment moves in every way that our future would occur. The same way that, everything I do now, today, at each moment, is the outcome of my thoughts in how and what I supposed life to be in the past.
As we know that a friend can be defined in so many ways, but a true friend will be the only friend who will satisfy all the necessary conditions of friendship. A good base of friendship lies in the understanding that where they are coming from. Most of
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