The Front De Liberation Du Quebec

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The Front de Liberation du Quebec was an extremist paramilitary organization, purposed with French-Canadian separatism, which officially operated from 1963 to 1970. Their primary goal was Quebec’s sovereignty from Canada. They were most prolific and media focused during the October Crisis, during which they executed Pierre Laporte and abducted James Richard Cross. These actions were accompanied by a media release by the FLQ, a manifesto. This proclamation highlighted the plights of Quebecers as being impoverished, unrepresented by their politicians, ignored by Canadian government, and exploited by Anglophone Canadians. The manifesto demanded that Quebec immediately sever political ties from Canada, and be recognized as a sovereign country. Violent as their actions were, the FLQ was successful in nationally representing the unjustness of the unrepresented Quebec citizen. Seven years after the conclusion of the October Crisis, Bill 101 Charter of the French Language, was signed. Bill 101 did not accomplish the exact goals of the FLQ’s attempted coup - the sovereign country of Quebec – but it accomplished a cultural resurgence in Quebec, namely more representation of Francophone-Canadian culture. Though the Front de Liberation du Quebec’s actions and demands, did not grant Quebec its political sovereignty, it spearheaded a movement that absolved the Francophone culture of Quebec from being assimilated into the Anglophone culture of Canada. The Front de Liberation du Quebec
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