The Fronteir Changes You: Analysis of The Last of the Mohicans

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In The Last of the Mohicans, the English travelers are not used to the savage American forests. They are used to having tea on their lawns and garden parties every week. They are used to having whatever they want, whenever they want it. This Victorian lifestyle of having more than you could ever want, is very different from the the lifestyle of the Americas where you don’t have anything but the clothes you are wearing and the gun in your hand, and if you don't find food that day, you won't eat dinner that night. Even during combat, which Heyward was not unused to, the officers still traveled in luxury and were expected to be treated well even if they were captured. In this book, Duncan Heyward goes from a posh military man, who is not…show more content…
This change was directly caused by the brutal frontier Heyward was forced to survive in.
David Gamut also had a hard time adjusting to the wild frontier. In the first few chapters, we see him as a bumbling idiot. He has come to the New World to convert people to Christianity. As a psalmodist, he preaches his message through song. This method of preaching is often ridiculed by the other travelers and Hawkeye asks why Gamut doesn’t find a better weapon than a pitch pipe. He is very adamant about not losing his horse. Even though it is the only way to ensure their safety. When the indians kill his horse, Gamut cries and sings songs about it. For the next few chapters the only dialogue from him is lamenting over the lost horse. After this, Gamut is not a major player in the next few chapters. When they are attacked at the cave, the travelers almost are overrun by indians, but David Gamut's singing kept them at bay. This might be the turning point for Gamut, finally realizing that he can do something useful. In chapter 18, Gamut is captured, along with Cora and Alice, by Magua after the Massacre at Fort William Henry. When Hawkeye and his companions are in enemy territory searching for Gamut and the girls, they come across an indian that they assume to be hostile. Hawkeye is about to kill the indian when he realizes that it is none other than Gamut. The bumbling blubbering psalmodist had
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