Essay The Frozen Hope

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Endih was a place of cold and sadness. My father and mother were killed by a Kalag, a horrible beast. My father was a very powerful man. He was the ruler of our frosted planet. When he died, I became the ruler, but I was very young, too young. I had no idea what I was doing. Endih was in chaos. 10 years later, I was much older, and wiser. Maybe not that much wiser. The War of a Thousand Worlds had begun. Fear ran through the veins of the Endih people. I was very scared, too scared to stay away from the War. General Tenko landed his ship in one of my bigger cities. The people had gathered around the shiny ship. It had a slick sliver finish on it. The crowd whispered to each other as the hatch lowered. There was a bright light…show more content…
"Is this the first time you've dealt with war?" He asked, noticing the sweat running down my face. "Y-yes," Tenko patted my shoulder and said in a cheerful voice, "Then join the winning side and you won't have to be involved with the war!" I stared outside at the snowy city. "O-okay, I'll j-join you," I stuttered. Tenko grinned and said, "You've made the right decision," The people were outraged. I sat on my throne. My eyes were shut. I felt the cold air blow in. "Why didn't you set up a vote?" I heard my sister say. I didn't bother to open my eyes. Her shoes clacked on the floor. "Brother, tell me," she said in a much softer tone. I opened my eyes, but, I didn't face her, I stared at the locket in my hand. "My lord, please tell me there is a good reason behind all this," she said, standing next to me. "La'Ta, this is my choice and nothing you say can change it," I said, "If you do not like it, please go to another planet," La'Ta gasped, "How could you do this? Father would be disappointed!" I said nothing and she angrily walked out. I opened the locket, inside was a photo of my father and mother. I sighed and quietly cried. "I am in control now!" Tenko said, pacing. I sat down in plush couch. I rested my head on my hand and said, "You told me that my people would not involved with the war," Tenko sat down in
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