The Fruits Of The Spirit

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Introduction This paper will discuss the Fruits of the Spirit as mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23 and Colossians 3:5-12. Throughout the paper, clear and concise definitions and explanations will be given . The goal is not only to define the Fruits of the Spirit, but to explain the significance of living them out in the biblical community. History Of Galatians The book of Galatians was wrote by Paul who was the first to ever preach in Galatia(Clarke). Galatia got its name from the Gauls who settled in the land after they invaded Asia Minor as Pausanias relates(Boyce). The country’s north side borders the sea, the south side by Pamphylia, the east side by Cappadocia and the west side by Bithynia(Clarke). The Boarders change often as their masters never stays the same(Clarke). The Galatae were divided into three tribes, each o which are subdivided into four cantons and each canton has a tetrarch(Clarke). The ancient Galatae’s religion was corrupted and superstitious(Boyce). They are said to offer human sacrifices of the prisoners they took in war(Clarke). It is important for the readers to know the history and background of an area in order to understand the significance of the letter. History of Colossians The book of Colossians was also written by the Apostle Paul in AD 60-61 during his first imprisonment in Rome(Coffman).Paul had received a letter that the Colossian Church were struggling with false teachings, empty philosophies and false leaders who only wanted
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