The Fuel And Global Warming

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Over time, petroleum prices and Global Warming have become the main concern for governments, Firms and individuals across the globe. It has been proven that petroleum fuelled vehicles have contributed to a high level of pollution in many countries across the globe. Beijing, China for instance may not be the most polluted city in the world, but with a large population and a large number of vehicles being powered by petroleum, thick, grey smog filling the city and millions of residents commuting behind surgical masks for health protection can easily be noticed.
Biofuels such as Ethanol, Biodiesel, Biogas, Biokerosene, Butanol, Other bio-alcohols are being seen as cleaner forms of energy but ethanol and biodiesel however are increasingly
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This brings about the term, Agro-fuels, which refers to fuels like ethanol, which are produced from a percentage of total agricultural output in a region which is solely dedicated to the production of biofuel therefore using agricultural crops as biomass. Although this might bring economic growth, there is a downside. It has been observed that countries that are known for biofuel production have over time had an increases in environmental damage due to deforestation and burning. In some cases, the deforestation occurs as a way to clear the land for new plantation of “Agro-crops” thereby, causing a reduction in the amount of trees and plants that help in controlling CO2. Other social situations like the use of slave labour on the plantations have been spotted in mostly underdeveloped countries like Ghana and Indonesia. Such situations have over time made people ask if production of biofuel is actually a good alternative to petroleum.

2.0 Biofuel Production and Environmental Controversy.
2.1 Features:
Biofuel is a type of fuel that derives energy from biological carbon fixation. This involves the conversion of any biomass, into mainly liquid and gaseous biofuels. Biomass is known to be any form of organic material which includes Plants, agricultural crops, animal wastes, dead
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