The Fuel Of Fuel Injection

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A fuel injector is a device or technology that introduces the fuel into the combustion unit of an internal combustion engine. It is an alternative method to carburetor. Fuel is injected into the cylinder where combustion happen. In order to burn , fuel must be vaporized to be and make sure the air at correct ratio . This job can be performed by either a carburetor or a fuel injection system.
If there is not enough fuel mixed with the air, the engine "runs lean" and either will not run or damages the engine.

How fuel injector is better than carburetor
In new cars, fuel injection is becoming universal because it provides a better fuel efficiency and much lower emissions
Carburetor is used in older cars , but it is still used in machines like lawnmovers and chainsaw

First take a look at carburetor
The carburetor has been the device that supplied fuel to the engine . It uses in older cars and simple machines likelawnmover and chainsaw . But carburetor got complicated to handle different tasks .

The carburetor has 5 different circuit -----
 Main circuit - Provides just enough fuel for fuel-efficient cruising
 Idle circuit – Pr0vides just enough fuel t0 keep the engine idling
 Accelerator pump - Provides an extra burst of fuel when the accelerator pedal is first depressed, reducing hesitation before the engine speeds up
 Power enrichment circuit - Provides extra fuel when…
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