The Fuel Of The Ford Motor Company

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When the Ford Motor Company, popularized the gas automobile throughout the western world in the 20th century, a great benefit was bestowed to mankind - faster transportation. The factor of advanced transportation led to a cause for the modernization and industrialization of the majority of the world. However, as we reap the luxury of more convenient transportation, the atmosphere has reaped the luxury of harmful destruction. Throughout the 21st century, alternative fuels such as Ethanol have been discussed a prime alternative to Isooctane, the current fuel choice. Though Ethanol is a viable alternative fuel, especially with the emergence of new 21st century technology, the comparable combustion reaction rates of both Isooctane and Ethanol, as well as the industrial process to produce ethanol as a fuel, may deem it more dangerous and less efficient than the current fuel choice. . In order to produce data of Ethanol and its use in today 's automobile world, one must discuss how fuel is utilized in an automobile in the first place. By examining the engine, one can see that a car typically has four to eight cylinders, which are, essentially, facilities inside the car engine where the fuel combusts. (ExplainthatStuff) When fuel enters the cylinders, they must combust in order to commence the process of linear movement for a vehicle; what allows the fuel to combust is a device that is on top of the cylinders called the sparking plug. (ExplainthatStuff) The sparking plug, as
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