The Fukushima Nuclear Facility Disaster

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The Fukushima nuclear facility disaster following the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami has motivated the need to design and build a small, remotely controlled repair device. The purpose of the device is to navigate using remote control to a specified location, and complete a series of tasks. This will protect the human operators from absorbing a high dose of radioactive contamination. This project provides a platform for student groups to present their solutions to a range of design problems such as remotely completing everyday tasks as well as solutions for propulsion, sensing, and navigation. Each team is required to design construct, and operate a prototype device meeting the requirements of annually determined problem…show more content…
However, after brainstorming together, we finally came up with one design that was easy to succeed and had the capacity to do all the five tasks very fast and easily, which are the magnets that we are using today. Furthermore, in the engineering process we used, we needed to define the main problem and test some designs to get the right one. Lastly, we improved our final design by making it bigger. For the first design, we went to Walmart and we looked for a remote-controlled jeep that had some good specifications, but when we saw a lot of RC car options we did not know which one was the best, so we decided to buy one and try it. We found an RC jeep cost us $12.57, which was not much. We made small talk about the size, the tires, the quality, and the way it was combined together. After that, we bought the jeep and started to combine the material we had for the testing together. Unfortunately, the car didn’t work because it was bigger than the pipe. We started an argument about how we could make it fit in the pipe, until finally we decided to refund the money and started thinking about using a different device. For the second design, after the first device failed the test we did not give up. We went to Walmart for the second time and looked for a smaller car. We found a lot of different cars, but all the cars did not look like they had very good quality and none looked very fast. We found an RC sports car
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