The Fulfillment of God's Covenants in the New Testament

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Vincent D Dent
Dr.Valerie De La Torre

The Fulfillment of God’s Covenants in The New Testament After the fall of mankind into disobedience and sin, God made the decision to deal with mankind and the problem of rebellion by establishing contracts or agreements between Himself and the people in order to communicate with and redeem his greatest creation, humanity. As we read through and study the Bible we can see that God is faithful in keeping His promises that he gave to the nation of Israel in the Old Testament having made contracts with Abraham and David and it would appear that Abrahamic and the Davidic Covenants are the mainstays leading up to the new covenant with Jesus Christ being the new
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(Farnell, F. D. 2012). Continuing to read in Acts chapter 2 and verse 14 we see that the covenant idea of the Old Testament as exemplified by the promise which God made to Abraham is regarded as consummated in the blessing brought by Jesus Christ, the servant of the Lord. It is the blessing of complete deliverance from sin, which means unbroken fellowship with God for His people. (Acts 2:14 NIV). The covenant now being established in Christ’s blood is for all who will believe in Him, repent of their sins and acknowledge the authority that He has been given to forgive sins, thus Gentiles would also be able to receive salvation just as if they were the children of promise as are the Jews. (Acts 10:28 NIV). This again is indicative of the promises given to both Abraham and David in the Old Testament. This is further expounded upon by the letters of the Apostle Paul. The Pauline Epistles or Letters of Paul make it clear that through the Holy Scriptures God has established a better covenant through Christ Jesus as the “High Priest” the intercessor that the images of covenant pointed towards. Paul’s epistles teach Christians to have confidence and faith in the promises of God and to chart that confidence through trusting God’s word and by viewing the visible world measuring our
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