The Fulfillment of the Day of the Lord Essay

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Liberty University Research Paper The Fulfillment of The Day of the Lord An Assignment submitted to Dr. Eunice Abogunrin In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements For The course Theo 530 Liberty baptist Theological seminary By Andrew James Paterson 22781155 Lynchburg, Virginia Friday, May 4, 2012 THESIS STATEMENT This purpose of this paper is to address the meaning and significance of the Day of the Lord, that there is a future fulfillment in addition to the past fulfillment of the Day of the Lord and why it is still relevant for people from now until the second coming of the Lord.. TABLE OF CONTENTS Thesis Statement…………………………………………………………….……..…….2…show more content…
THE DAY OF THE LORD IN THE OLD TESTAMENT: A DAY FOR RETRIBUTION AND PUNISHMENT Weiss makes the strong assertions that, “The actual importance [of prophecies uttered by Amos through Joel 3] lies in the emergence and development of the Day of the Lord as an independent concept and is indicative of the origin of the later eschatological view” and that the Day of the Lord is “pre-prophetic in origin.” Regarding this last point, Jewish scholar Shimon Bakon refutes that it is exactly the opposite: “There is no mention of the Day of the Lord in any of the early prophetic literature.” However, it is acknowledged that God punished his people for breaking the covenant specifically in the books of Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua and Judges. What Weiss is suggesting in his first assertion is that not only has the Day of the Lord already occurred, but that any future eschatological fulfillments of the Day of the Lord are “independent concepts” (i.e. invented and not explicitly backed by Scripture). Notwithstanding the claims made in the New Testament regarding the Day of the Lord, as a Hebrew scholar, Weiss’ interpretations of the presentations or meanings of the Day of the Lord do not seem consistent with those provided in the Old Testament. The books of the Bible are not in chronological order. Although the Day of the Lord appears in biblical books before Amos (such as

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