Essay about The Full Effects of War

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War is one thing that we all know is a necessary evil. The United States has been involved in many wars since it’s founding in the late 1700’s and will more than likely continue to be involved in more as it moves into the future. There are many reasons that the United States has been involved in, or is currently involved in wars. Although war is not always a popular thing to become a part of, the full effects of the war are not always known and may never be known as long as the United States is a country. Stephen Crane tells us that there are many effects of war in his poem “War is Kind”. Physical handicaps, mental handicaps, as well as family hardships, etc. can all be seen in this poem. These problems are all effects of war, and will…show more content…
A writer for “Aging and Mental Health” magazine states that in any traumatic war experience, malnutrition, immunological deficiencies as well as chronic infections lead to greatly increased mortality soon after the war and over the lifetime (Davies 100). Further thinking would show an individual that these effects are all seen throughout the world today, even without war being the cause. Many underdeveloped countries around the world have the aforementioned malnutrition and suffering and will continue to have this until their countries develop to the point that these people can be taken care of. Hopefully, the United States as being one of the most developed countries in the world; can help soldiers coming home from wartime missions with the physical aspects of the home life that they are no longer able to perform. One way the United States can help out the soldiers is to fit them with the limb, or body parts that they have lost. According to Spc. Lorie Jewell from “Soldiers” magazine; “prosthetics are keeping soldiers in the mainstream of life – and in some cases, on active duty” (Jewell). The following example is one of the positives that comes from US government intervention for soldiers health upon returning home from a war. Spc. Lewis, 20, knew very little about prosthetics just a few months ago. A Jan. 21 mortar attack on an Army camp near Baqubah, Iraq
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