The Full Range Leadership Development Model

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The Full Range Leadership Development Model at a Glance If you were to go to your local university’s library and look up the topic of leadership you would find hundreds of books on the topic. A similar search through journal articles and online publications would produce hundreds of thousands of results. The topic of leadership is something that has been greatly researched throughout the years. This writing is intended to research one of the models developed as a result of some of that research, the Full Range Leadership Development model (FRLD). FRLD was first introduced as a model by Avolio and Bass (1991), many of the principles used in this model were developed long before. Bass and Avolio have had many publications throughout the years on the topic of leadership, the FRLD model was one way they discovered to bring much of that research together. There are many types of leaders; most of us have had the opportunity to have good leaders as well as bad leaders. Taking a leader that is mediocre and developing them into a successful leader is no small task. In order to simplify this, FRLD focuses on three major leadership classifications: non-transactional, transactional and transformational leadership (Avolio, 1999). But this system does not stop with just the leader; the success of FRLD also has other variables: the follower and the situation. In order to better understand FRLD we will take an in-depth look at the model in its entirety. Full Range Leadership Development
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