The Full-Range Leadership Theory In Nursing

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Full-Range Leadership Theory Katie A. Vaz University of Arizona Full-Range Leadership Theory A healthy and safe work environment within the health care industry is extremely crucial in maximizing patient outcomes and ensuring staff satisfaction. Policies and regulations are often set in place to help meet these goals, yet are sometimes neglected through inattention or lack of proper motivation and education. Such associated factors can give rise to the need for change. One area in particular that has been observed as needing change among various units of Banner Thunderbird’s Hospital is the lack of compliance for hand washing. This issue has been observed among numerous health care workers and places the health of the patients and employees at risk. Therefore, intervention is necessary to increase the compliance rate and help decrease the potential spread of disease. In order to implement an intervention, the proper approach is necessary to create an actual impact. Leadership demonstrated by nurse leaders and managers can directly impact staff performance which in turn can influence safe patient outcomes and staff satisfaction. For nurse leaders and managers to be successful leaders it is important to have a firm theoretical understanding of leadership in order to deliver an effective leadership style that will help to inspire staff and stimulate change. A modern leadership theory that has produced successful outcomes for staff inspiration and
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