The Full Time Administrative Staff At Ut Carries Out The Daily Procedures Of The Uil

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SYSTEMS The full time administrative staff at UT carries out the daily procedures of the UIL. There, they are in charge of administrative support including publishing reports, facilitating communication channels to the public, handling documentation, etc.
UT provides the overhead for the staff’s salaries, facilities, and office necessities. The UIL’s revenue comes from “membership due from member school, the admission price for individual sports state competitions, an annually determined percentage of admission prices for state level contest; 15 percent of football and 16 percent of basketball post district gate receipts; proceeds from radio and television broadcasting and telecasting contracts, and proceeds from corporate sponsorships.” The controls of the UIL as dictated in the constitution require that the Director of the UIL submits an annual budget to UT for approval. The UIL publishes financial reports online; they are available through 2011-2012. Other than the annual budget, which does not need to be released to the public, there are no internally mandated accountability measures in the UIL. Rules and processes for parents and students, include waiver appeals and are difficult to find and in general not user friendly for its audience. The Constitution itself has been described as a choppy document that goes through a piecewise amendment process that fails to produce a cohesive document. Between subchapters, section numbers will skip 5-20 numbers for no apparent…
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