The Fully Packed Restaurant Goes Into Dead Silence

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The fully packed restaurant goes into dead silence. At least fifty people stop what they’re doing, and stare at the awkward Japanese teenager. He avoids any eye contact and slowly goes down to the floor to pick up the plates he had dropped. Slowly, everyone turns back to their food and continues chatting. Of course, no one went to help him. Everyone, including me, just ignored him. The cozy restaurant atmosphere slowly returned. While my family and I were waiting for my food, my dad was sharing a funny story ; a story I only heard ten times before. I look up in exasperation to see yellow-orange lights glare back at me. I remember the last time my dad told me this story.
“ I trace my hands along the red walls of the restaurant which was outlined with gold lines. Even the table, my family was seated around, was elaborate ; it had characters carved into it. As I was looking around the whole place, I realized we were the only non-Japanese people here. I was fascinated in the foreign language they’re speaking so to kill time, I tried to guess what they were talking about. One couple caught me staring at them so I quickly turned away. I glanced up on a waitress carrying food. I prayed to God to let it be the food we ordered. I celebrated quietly when she stopped at our table. My mouth dropped when I saw the plates. The smiling waitress carried mouth-watering arrangements of sushi, chicken teriyaki, and at least four bowls of fried rice. I chuckled when she said, “I’ll be back

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