The Function Of A Hero

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Introduction What is a hero? Well a hero is people like Thor and Wonder Woman, actually no they are heroes but let’s think about people in general. Well what a hero really is, a hero is someone who is helping, willing and self sacrificing. A hero does what they can to fix a problem 1st or 3rd world problems they are willing to fix the problems that are beneficial. Now a hero also has to be cognitive because heroes have to make decisions every single day that also could lead to life or death situations. People who might be considered as a hero under this criteria could be teachers, specific people like Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, and Malala Yousafzai, but definitely not people like Kim Jong Un & loan sharks. Basically to sum up a hero is really in general is just a helpful, willing, self sacrificial, and a smart person who teaches. Function Teachers are regular people taken for granted yet the society doesn't know that teachers are important and without them would mean the world being without knowledge. First of all teachers are heroes to me because teachers consistently stay up to grade and help us. Thus teachers are heroes like all heroes-they sacrifice their day because of this to teach, inspire, and mold children so they can be better than the current generation. It is not about them-it is about others. In addition teachers also care for each other by providing to be a substitute for other sick teachers by sacrificing their planning period. Furthermore this shows
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