The Function Of A Human Resources Department Essay

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Every business, large or small, has a human resource department that oversees and organizes all of the hiring for the business, the training of new employees, employee benefit programs, payroll, and so much more. Small business tends to overlook any guidance in human resources. Human resource is defined as the skills, knowledge, and motivation of people. The first step is understanding what the function of a Human Resources Department. The function of a human resources department is made up of six key functions and each of those functions are vital for the business to run in an organized fashion.
Recruitment for any type of business is one of the most important factors because employees are the front line representation of a business. It is up to the human resources department too carefully look into the pool of applicant and chose who best fits the responsibilities of the job description. One must only be chosen for a job based of the applicant’s knowledge, skill level, and how that individual thinks. Human resources representatives have to be able to complete job postings, sorting candidates, screening applicants, preparing interviews, and coordinating who is hired. However, the job does not stop there the human resources representatives must thoroughly train all new employees with what is necessary to understand what is needed to be done on a day to day basis. There are seven training methods that include, meaningful learning, skill transfer, motivation, on the job…
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