The Function Of An Education

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Public Education Today Asking someone what the function of an education in society is almost like asking them what the meaning of life is. You will most likely receive many different answers. The person’s answer could vary depending on the stage of life they are in, as well as their background. For example, most people would answer by saying that the importance of an education is to have a successful career in the future. It is expected for schools to teach their students the practical skills needed to obtain an excellent job after graduation. However, students gain so much more from going to school that some people may not give much thought to. The moment that children begin school, they begin to develop as individuals while their…show more content…
Families and schools usually attribute the negative behaviors of a child to other factors and ignore children 's social and emotional problems. Actually, one of the most important reasons for these negative behaviors and failures is the lack of integration in a social group.” (Osman) Students learn more than academics while attending school. They learn to have good morals and to “treat people the way they would want to be treated.” Some students, unfortunately, do not learn these things at home. I have seen firsthand that some students’ parents do not have set rules and consequences at home. These students are usually the ones who will struggle in school. Weather it may be academically or behaviorally they will struggle in some way. Kids should be taught at an early age how to respect all adults as well as their classmates. There are several reasons why a student may misbehave in school. Sometimes students misbehave to get attention. These students do not receive enough attention at home and therefore may act up to get noticed in class. Other students could be frustrated by not understanding a concept or assignment, and rather get removed from class than to appear “dumb” in front of their classmates. If these students with behavioral issues to not have parents or other adults who will address the issues at home it becomes problem
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