The Function Of Los Angeles International Airport

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The function of Los Angeles International Airport is to accommodate the new mode of transportation and connecting Los Angeles with the world requires a central hub for travelers Los Angeles has always been the center of entertainment and tourism for the world with its unique and vibrant atmosphere and history. The second largest city in United States is a constellation of entertainment, sports, wealth, and its natural beauty that is bounded by one defining mode of transportation, aviation. Los Angeles International Airport or LAX is the 6th largest airport in the world based on foot traffic and 14th in the world based on cargo tonnage travelling through LAX (LAWA). Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa declared LAX as the “Gateway to the Pacific Rim” acting as a gateway to Europe, North America, Africa, South Africa, and Asia. LAX has 9 passenger terminals and 4 parallel east-west runways serving 70 million passengers annually with 2 million tons of cargo (LAWA) annually generating a thriving economy for Los Angeles and California. The competitive nature of airline business influence the operation of airports around the world. Larger jets such as the Airbus A380 requires airports to have a minimum runway distance and sophisticated guidance system to direct incoming planes. LAX has been losing grounds to San Francisco International Airport as the central hub for California and West Coast (CBS) as the aging structures and outdated system loses passengers and cargo to competitors
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