The Function Of Public Health And System Thinking

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Public health and system thinking

Public health requires system thinking which provides proper framework for interconnections between all health sectors. To ensure proper community health outcome, joint efforts between all sectors such as: community, healthcare system, media, academia and governmental health organizations are required (Taylor, 2008). System thinking has a great impact on public health function. The traditional framing of problems and lack of understanding of the dynamic process and the multifactorial nature of public health challenges made them formidable (Leischow, 2006). Health is affected by internal factors such as age and genes, and also by external factors such as economy, environment, politics, and social factors (Institute of medicine, 2003). All these health determinants can never be controlled by one sector. It needs a web of interconnected relationships between all sectors. For that reason, building a public health system is the key toward better function of public health and improved outcome. Roemer (1991) stated that in order to culminate health service delivery to people you need a collaboration of resources, organizations, financing and management (Roemer, 1993). Moreover, public health system copes with ongoing major worldwide changes such as demographical and epidemiological changes, new technologies, environmental hazards and major health changes (WHO, 2003).

Public health function within health system

Public health role mainly
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