The Function Of Respiratory System

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According to Melinda (2014), the function of respiratory system is to supply oxygen into the body, by breathing in, and to remove carbon dioxide which is the waste, from the body, by breathing out. Franklin (2014), outlines that oxygen is most needed in the body, in order to live. This is because every cell in the body needs oxygen, in order to function properly. Also, oxygen is required in the blood in order to covert food into energy. Beside, Melinda (2014), clarifies that these movements are named inspiration (breathing in) and expiration (breathing out). However, Zimmermann (2014), elaborates that the key purpose of respiratory system is gaseous substitute. He also simplifies that within respiratory system, new air is always brought into the body, and the used air is expelled out. In this way, oxygen is picked up and carbon dioxide is lost by the body.
Furthermore, Waugh (2014), illuminates that air tremendously travels through the nostrils in the nose, which is filtered, warmed and moistened. He simplifies that tiny hairs, called Cilia looks after the nasal pathways and other parts of the respiratory area. Waugh (2014), elucidated that the oxygen is filters out dirt and other particles that enter the nose through the breath in air. He simplifies that air can possibly be breathed in through the mouth - as another way of breathing. However, Kara (2010), clarifies that the two airways of the nose and mouth come across to the pharynx, which is positioned at the back of
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