The Functional Nature Of The Software

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Integrating Autograph in teaching The functional nature of the software is determined by the order of tasks prepared by the teacher and how the learners interact with the software (Godwin & Beswetherick, 2003). Hence, working on the tasks set using the software, the learners are able to manipulate and explore mathematical relationships independently. Previously, I have taught this topic using pedagogy and content knowledge, in line with the department’s Scheme of Work. However, following the assessments carried out; the question testing pupils’ knowledge on the shape of parabolas formed was poorly answered by more than half of the pupils in our Year 10. Therefore, my expectation is that by integrating Autograph while investigating…show more content…
However, we should not overrule using pen and paper because it is important for learners to know how to draw the graph and to be able to explore this by themselves. Trialling teaching and learning using Autograph The functionality of the software is partially determined by the type of activities designed by the teacher and how the pupils interact with it (Godwin & Beswetherick, 2003). Therefore, for a desired learning outcome to be attained, meticulous planning of the tasks by the teacher must be prepared. Tasks set should provide a purposeful balance of instructions and experiment enabling learners to make effective use of the DT tool in their learning and at the same time allow the possibility of exploration. Failure to properly plan activities will result in inadequate progress made by learners and unsuccessful integration of the digital tool in lesson. In designing the task we should make room for pupils to make conjectures and tests them using the DT. In assessing pupils’ understanding, skilful questioning and plenary activities tend to make lessons to be more engaging and more inclusive. Also, as mentioned before, planning for learners’ errors and misconceptions at and intervening on this should not be overlooked as it is required to provoke mathematical insight and guide students to the desired end point. I prepared two activities for two sessions on using Autograph for
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