The Functions And Uses Of Different Servers For Small Web Presence Business Needs

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E-Commerce Describe the functions and use of different servers in benefitting in small web-presence business needs. Web Server A Web server can refer to the hardware or the software which helps deliver content from the web which can be accessed through the internet. The most common types of web servers are used to host websites and also used to host gaming servers and also handling e-mails. The use of a web server is to store, process and deliver websites to clients. Generally the communication is between the server and the client by Hypertext Transfer Protocol which is also known as HTTP. A small business can benefit from a web server because it allows a customer to communicate with you by HTTP. Although web servers been beneficial for…show more content…
Every printer with the right type of connector can be useable with all print servers; producers of servers make an available list of compatible printers because a server may not implement the communications functionality. An example of this would be low ink signals for either or black ink or coloured. These are really beneficial for a small company as they are reasonably cheap and can be used to promote the business by printing of leaflets or posters; it can also be used to print documents to use as portable copies. File Server A file server is computer which is attached to a network. The purpose of this is providing a location for a shared disk access which Is a storage for all computer files, these can be things such as documents, photos, videos and databases. A file server can be accessed by workstations which are connected to the same computer network. It is not intended to run programs on behalf of clients. It is designed to enable the storage and retrieval of data while the computations are carried out by the work station. These types of servers are commonly found in schools and larger offices where the users will use LAN (Local Area Network) to connect their client’s computers, this allows users to share information without having to physically transfer files by an external storage device or sending attachments by email. These are not currently advisable in a small business this is due to the limited number of employees at a workplace and due to
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