The Functions Of Human Resources Management

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Executive Summary
CJ Hotels need to assesses their HR department and fully understand the functions and requirements of HR within the current economic climate as well as the importance in relation to the labour market.
Within this report it will examine the functions of Human Resources Management (HRM) within CJ Hotels and its importance during the current economic climate. In addition need to first look at what HRM actually is and what it means, according to Torrington et al, (2009) HRM means “Human resource management is a strategic, integrated and coherent approach to the employment, development and well-being of the people working in organisations.” However according to Heery and Noon (2001 cited in Nickson 2007) “a set of professional practices suggests that there are a range of personnel practices that can be integrated to ensure a professional approach to managing people.” Overall HRM is a section of the business which without it the business wouldn’t be able to operate as they are responsible for the basic fundamental parts of the business the people, while also having a high importance during the current economic climate as businesses are not looking to have high turnover of staff due to the financial drain as the UK is currently within a recession so it is required that the HRM department within the company are able to recruit and select the right candidates for the positions as well as managing the people within the business.

There are several…
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