The Functions Of Human Resources Management

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Executive summary CJ Hotels need to assesses their HR department and fully understand the functions and requirements of HR within the current economic climate as well as the importance in relation to the labour market. Introduction Within this report it will examine the functions of Human Resources Management (HRM) within CJ Hotels and its importance during the current economic climate. In addition need to first look at what HRM actually is and what it means, according to Torrington et al, (2009) HRM means “Human resource management is a strategic, integrated and coherent approach to the employment, development and well-being of the people working in organisations.” However according to Heery and Noon (2001 cited in Nickson 2007) “a set…show more content…
However as well as these types of planning there is also strategic planning this is “a process that articulates institutional mission, weighs external opportunities and threats, gauges internal strengths and weaknesses and determines appropriate action (Robert. C 1988). In Addition to this one of the most common models for strategic planning is the Mintzberg theory which states that need to be able to link the strategic thinking to strategic planning in order for it to work within an organisation (see appendices 1 for model). Currently within CJ Hotels the HR department take the soft planning approach as this will suit the company better due to the nature of the organisation as using the hard planning approach would not be suitable due to the types of roles within the hotel as in order to the management to be able to manage a hotel efficiently and to be able to grow they require first hand opinions of the employees as they know what will need to be changed in order to make the hotel better place not only to stay but to work. Recruitment and Selection HR within an organisation is responsible for recruitment and selection process, this is a process which is split in to two sections as seen in the Wagen model (see appendices 2), in addition to this according to Heery and Noon (2001) cited in Nickson (2007)”the process of generating a pool of candidates from which to select the appropriate person to fill a job vacancy” in reference to the
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