The Functions Of Language In A Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess

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The functions of language in the novel A Clockwork Orange and how those functions are achieved in the film.

The argot in the novella A Clockwork Orange has many functions. Anthony Burgess uses the Nadsat to alienate the reader, veil the violence and occasionally draw the reader into the action. Although Burgess uses language to achieve these functions, Stanley Kubrick uses various cinematic techniques to achieve these functions in the film. This will be further substantiated in the essay.
Anthony Burgess makes use of a fictional register in the novella A Clockwork Orange. In the words of Dr Branom, Nadsat is described as “Odd bits of rhyming slang, a bit of gypsy talk, too. But most of the roots are Slav.” (Burgess, 2011:86). The argot is predominantly based on Russian and
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