The Functions of Geography Throughout the Time Periods of History

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Geography is the one discipline that throughout history has served many functions. Function like where to get resources, take a trip., find new places and function its served during different eras throughout history Furthermore three of geography most important function thought out history is the purposes it served during the eras of Roman, Greek, Chinese, Islamic and early modern Europe. The important purposes of geography through these ages and the benefit geography got from European Imperialism. During the era of the Greek the purpose geography served was to understand the three disciplines of geography that helped the Greek to understand the world and how the term geography came about. As described in the book the place …show more content…
As told in the book, the place of geography as Strabo work has helped us in Bunbury words (1879:II.209) word (as cited in Unwin, p.51) as “for the first time to obtain a complete and satisfactory of the state of geography science”. Subsequently Strabo works on formal geography was he wrote an encyclopedia of seventeen books. This relates to certain sub fields of geography from geography science to political science to topography geography and so on. furthermore in complete contrast to Strabo all round version of geography, Ptolemy geography are described in his opening chapter as “ an imitativedelineation of that part of that part of the earth comprehended within our knowledge as a whole ,with its part roughly (lit generally apprehended’( Rylands 1893: 18) as cited in Unwin (p.53). Ptolemy book was different from Strabo as it was an atlas as he describe the globe on a level surface and divided continent into smaller localities and used longitude and latitude to tell where places are.
This purpose was important as the Romans allowed us to see the history of geography from a bygone era as they kept the only written records influenced by Greek works(which no longer exist) and have survived to the present day. The
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