The Functions of Management

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The Functions of Management Introduction French industrialist Henri Fayol is credited with the development of modern management. Fayol's original work described five functions of management, planning, organizing, command, coordination, and control (Banerjee 2012). Over time these have been condensed into planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Fayol also developed 14 principles of management. Managerial Functions Fayol held that a firm with perfect machinery and manufacturing processes is doomed to failure if it is run by an inefficient staff. Managers spend their day meeting and talking with people, reading, thinking and sending communications. These activities comprise the four basic functions of management: planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Planning activities lay the ground work and the other functions are designed to implement the plans. Kurtz (2010) describes these functions as follows: Planning Planning is the process of foreseeing future activities or actions that are necessary for achieving organizational objectives. An effective plan helps to move the organization toward its vision, avoid costly mistakes, and seize opportunities. Effective planning consists of an evaluation of the business environment and a well designed strategic plan of action. Plans should be flexible in order to provide for the unexpected and involve managers from all levels of the organization. As global competition intensifies, technology expands and the speed
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