The Functions of Stage Management

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Abstract The four functions of management can be applied to business, sports teams or stage management to name a few. Stage management can apply to stadium size concerts to small theatrical acts. Planning is a key function that gets the party started. Proper planning leads to the event being organized. An organized show allows for some mistakes that can be solved in a quick and precise manner. The entire act is controlled with proper gain staging and outboard processors. These functions are specific to stage management. ROCK_N ROLL!

Functions of Management The functions of management are the key
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They also may vary depending on the size of the venue or the popularity of a specific act. In smaller venues it may be just the Front of the House Engineer that holds all hats. Leading can be described in the simplest form as the person in charge from loading in to load out.
Controlling can be a very lucrative term when referring to stage management. This can range from controlling the frequencies to controlling the decibel level. It is commonly said that the drummer controls the tempo of a song or the Front of the House engineer is controlling the mix. The mix is controlled with outboard gear such as compressors, equalizers, gates, effects, and sonic maximizer. The electrical power is even something to consider when planning a show. The power mostly used for music events is called “clean power”. Clean power is power that has been regulated to remove any electrical interruption known as noise. Controlling the sonic frequencies is the best way to describe the term in this context.
All aspects of team dynamics are important to the completion of a goal set for the team to accomplish. In business practice the main goal is obviously to be profitable. There are many different teams that can comprise the overall company. Stage management can be compared in the same manner. The main difference is the product, which in the case of stage management a live event that can only be a

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