The Fundamental Concept Of Trust

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Since the introduction of concept analysis by Walker and Avant, theorists have stated its importance to nursing theory (Reed & Crawford Shearer, 2012, p. 274). Trust is an essential concept in nursing, and has gained its importance both clinically and organizationally (McCabe & Sambrook, 2014, p. 816). Trust it is an important feature of the nurse-patient relationship and is based on a dynamic process (McCabe & Sambrook, 2014, p. 816). Structurally, trust is associated with various outcomes and levels of effectiveness (Reed & Crawford Shearer, 2012, p. 267). The fundamental concept of trust is presented throughout the context of this paper, which is relevant to nursing. It can be difficult to critically analyze trust, however, it is an essential part of the nurse-patient relationship (Belcher, 143). Using the Walker and Avant method, this paper will present an analysis of trust, specifically related to the nurse-patient relationship. In addition, this paper will provide aim and purpose of analysis, identify the use of the concept, determine defining attributes, provide examples using the concept, identify antecedences or consequences, and identify implications for nursing. Trust is a continual process that has many key elements. “Despite the lack of clarity in defining trust, it is clear from the literature that trust is a major influence on the patients’ acceptance of care and treatment from health care professionals (Hupcey et al., 2001). Trust has been identified as
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